Management Options for the XenServer

For the operation, you have several options available. If you have a Windows computer in the network, you can use the program XenCenter.

For Linux computers, there is a clone of XenCenter called OpenXenManager.

Alternatively, if you have the VM “lmn62.xoa” imported, you can manage the XenServer platform independent from web browser.


Open a web browser and navigate to the page

XenCenter Schritt 1

Click “XenCenter installer” and save the file and execute it directly. Follow the wizard to install the program.

XenCenter Schritt 2

Run the program and click with the right mouse button on XenCenter. Select Add.

XenCenter Schritt 3

Enter the IP address and the user data for root.

XenCenter Schritt 4

Now click on a VM from the list and switch to the tab Console. You can now use the VM.

XenCenter Schritt 5

Xen Orchestra (XOA)


To use XOA the VM “lmn62.xoa” must be imported!

Open a web browser and navigate to the page Enter the user with the password admin and click on Login.

XOA Schritt 1

Click on the tile icon on the top right and select Settings.

XOA Schritt 2

Enter IP address and the root password that you have assigned. Click to apply to Save.

XOA Schritt 3

If you move your mouse over a VM some buttons appear directly. Click “VM Console” to operate a machine.

XOA Schritt 4

You can now use the Virtual Machine.

XOA Schritt 5

OpenXen Manager

To use OpenXen Manager you must first install the package. Proceed as follows.

Open a terminal and enter the following command:

$ nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/netzint.list
OpenXen Manager Schritt 1

Now write in the line:

deb precise main
OpenXen Manager Schritt 2

Exit the editor with Ctrl+x. You will be asked whether you want to save the changes. Press Y and confirm the location / filenames with Enter.

Enter the following commands in the console and confirm each with `` Enter``:

$ wget
$ apt-key add
OpenXen Manager Schritt 3

Enter the command apt-get update in the console and press Enter.

$ apt-get update
OpenXen Manager Schritt 4

Enter the command apt-get install netzint-xenmanager in the console and press Enter. Continue with Y.

$ apt-get install netzint-xenmanager
OpenXen Manager Schritt 5

After installation, you can start OpenXenmanager with the command

$ xenmanager
OpenXen Manager Schritt 6

Click on Add New Server and enter the IP address and the username root and the password. Confirm with Connect.

OpenXen Manager Schritt 7

Now you can see the management interface that allows you to manage the XenServer.

OpenXen Manager Schritt 8