What information do I need in advance?

To work with printers in linuxmuster.net, it is necessary that network printers are available. Either printers with built-in network cards (print servers) can be used or existing printers can be integrated into the network with a suitable so-called “print server box”.

Before adding and setting up printers in linuxmuster.net, it is very helpful to gather the following information:

  • the exact description of the printer model
  • possible drivers for Linux, Windows and possibly other clients
  • MAC address of the printer
  • room / location of the printer
  • IP address according to the used address scheme

Most network printers are set to receive an IP address via DHCP. The IP address for the printer can then simply be set in the school console.


The following docs will add / setup the printers via the school console. Alternatively, changes can also be made via a terminal directly in the configuration files on the server. The mixing of both procedures must be avoided and left to experts.