Register computer in the network

New machines are added by direct entry into the file /etc/linuxmuster/workstations and then called import_workstations.

Determine the MAC address of the first client, e.g. by booting the client via PXE.


Read the “MAC address” on the LINBO start screen.

Open the /etc/linuxmuster/workstations file on the server.

server ~ # nano /etc/linuxmuster/workstations

Enter the computer with the following syntax

Enter the name of the room (for example, r100 or g1r100). Please note that the name of the room or the building must begin with a lowercase letter. Special characters are not allowed.
e.g. In the form r100-pc01 (up to 15 characters), (if necessary, take the building into account g21r100-pc01). Please note that only characters and numbers are allowed as characters. Only the hyphen - may be used as a separator. You may not use spaces, underlines or other special characters (such as german Umlaute, ß or punctuation marks) under any circumstances.
IP Address
The IP address should fit to the room and must be outside the default DHCP range. Depending on your network data, you can enter e.g. for this PC, usually not between and (default DHCP range).
Host Group
In the computer group, e.g. xenial, several (almost all) similar computers are combined, which get an (nearly) identical configuration.

Sample configuration.


The registered client is now using the console command

server ~# import_workstations

into the system and assigned to the computer group xenial. If you have created a computer group xenial with the previously downloaded standard Linux client, the computer can now be set up.