Installation Xen

This document provides instructions to install the XenAppliance of solution in version 6.2 (provided by Netzint). The installation is automated as much as possible, so no advanced skills for installation are required. A complete installation of the hypervisor, the import of all VMs and configuration takes about 80 minutes.

Citrix XenServer is particularly suitable for virtualising because it seamlessly matches the Open Source concept. It is the leading enterprise open source hypervisor and is used in the world’s largest data centers. Operation is supported on any brand hardware and there are numerous professional 3rd party software for backup and other features. Most “Noname hardware” can also be used natively. For much of the rest of hardware extensions are often offered by manufacturers for XenServer.

For the installation you need

After the installation you’ll have a ready-to-use environment consisting of

  • Server,
  • Firewall (IPFire) and
  • Administration interface (XOA) and
  • optional extensions.

All other steps for custom adjustments, see the further guidelines and howtos.