System Requirements

The table below lists the system requirements for operating the deployed virtual machines. The system requirements for installing XenServer itself can be found on the Web at and

The values ​​in the column Default are the default values ​​of the VMs during the import, these values ​​represent the minimum requirements. Disk space and memory of VMs must be added up to determine the total requirement.


If you have multiple images, or want to maintain multiple backups of the images, the HDD storage space should be significantly more!


Three Windows7 images à 30 G. Three copies of each image should be stored, then you’ll need already 270 G HDD memory. It is not yet taken into account that space is also needed in /home. This location depends on the number of users and applications. Here you should plan between 500 G and 1000 G.

Default Recommended Default Recommended Server 70GB 250GB+ 4GB 8GB+ Opsi 50GB 50GB+ 2GB 2GB+ Unifi 20GB 20GB 512MB 512MB+ XOA 8GB 8GB 1GB 1GB+ Chilli 20GB 20GB 512MB 512MB+ IPFire 4,5GB 4,5GB+ 256MB 1GB+

The hypervisor (XenServer) needs about 2 to 5 GB of memory. To install according to instructions, the server should have at least 2 network cards. If you use VLANs one NIC is enough, for example. a 10Gbit network card connected to the core VLAN switch.