Register computer in the network

New clients are registered via the LINBO interface of the client and then recorded on the server in the system.

Registration with LINBO

However the LINBO user interface (Manual) on the Client provides a way to register a new machine to the system.

Restart the computer using PXE boot.


Click on the “Imaging” tab and log in with the LINBO password.


In the password field, nothing is displayed. You must type it in “blind”.


Now you are LINBO administrator. There is a timeout window that shows the time after which you will be logged out automatically. By clicking the checkbox, the timeout can be disabled.


The button Register opens a dialog box where you can enter data for the client.



Enter the name of the room (for example, r111 or g1r100). Please note that the name of the room or the building must begin with a lowercase letter. Special characters are not allowed.
e.g. In the form r111-pc03 (up to 15 characters), (if necessary, take the building into account g21r100-pc01). Please note that only characters and numbers are allowed as characters. Only the hyphen - may be used as a separator. You may not use spaces, underlines or other special characters (such as german Umlaute, ß or punctuation marks) under any circumstances.
IP Address
The IP address should fit to the room and must be outside the default DHCP range. Depending on your network data, you can enter e.g. for this PC, usually not between and (default DHCP range).
Host Group
In the computer group, e.g. win10, several (almost all) similar computers are combined, which get an (nearly) identical configuration.

If everything is filled in correctly, the client data is uploaded via the button Register on the server.


If other clients are registered, you do not have to fill in the fields. Linbo increments automatically in the right place. E.g. its increments the hostname r111-pc03 =` r111-pc04` and the IP address =``. It’s clear that if you want to use the feature, you must register the computers in the correct order!


“Linbo incremented at the right place automatically” works only if the computers are booted up in the right order!

Import Registered Clients

As soon as all hosts are added, you have to start the import of the computers in the school console (school console manual) or at the console!

Since the access to the school console is only allowed by computers that are included in the system, at least the first computer must be imported manually.

Log on to the server as root and run the command line command

server ~# import_workstations


If you want to register and record other clients later, browse the school console from an already imported computer: https://server:242 and log in as administrator.

On the hosts side of the school console, new computers can be entered directly.


A click on the button Apply changes imports the newly registered clients.


In the screenshot the registration ends with an error message

../../_images/Rechneraufnahme_3a.png ../../_images/Rechneraufnahme_3.png

After eliminating the error and clicking the Apply changes button, the clients are imported.


The computer registration is accompanied by various log messages and ends with the following window.