Boot screens in LINBO

When booting in LINBO, the following screens are visible:

  • Network boot process
Initialmeldungen beim Bootvorgang via Netzwerk (PXE)

Initial messages during boot process via network (PXE)

  • Regardless of whether you have booted from the local hard disk or after booting via network card (PXE), the kernel is loaded with the group configuration.
Bootbildschirm: Laden des Kernels

Boot screen: loading the kernel

  • The booted LINBO kernel appears as an ASCII-art.
LINBO-Kernelboot ASCII-Art

LINBO-Kernelboot ASCII-art

  • The Grub configuration is updated.
LINBO-Grub Installation

LINBO-Grub Installation

This is followed by the regular LINBO Startbildschirm.