The LINBO home screen

If the workstation computer (client PC) is booted via the network, LINBO starts and displays the following screen if the PC has not yet been recorded / registered.

Linbo Startbildschirm eines nicht aufgenommenen Client

Linbo Startup screen of a non-registered client

Once the client is registered, the Start screen will display more options.

Linbo Startbildschirm eines aufgenommenen Clients

Linbo start screen of a registered client


The upper part of LINBO displays information about the client.

The specified hostname or “pxeclient” if the client is not registered.
The specified group / hardware class
The specified network addresses or “OFFLINE” if the client was started without a network connection to the server.
Displays the corresponding hardware installed on the client: disk size, processor and main memory information.
Displays the free/total partition size of the cache partition.

In addition to the (probably) current time on the client, the status and feedback messages of the individual actions are displayed in a scrollable text field in the lower part of the screen, which can provide information during troubleshooting.



forces a restart and


shuts down the client.

Start tab

For each fixed partition (with or without an operating system) a big button and four smaller buttons with the following meanings appear in the Start tab.


Sync+Start button

synchronizes the system with the last current image. A provided registry patch file is applied to Windows systems. On Linux systems hostname and root partition are patched. If there is a newer image on the server, this will be downloaded first.

Start button

the system starts in the current state, unsynchronized, no patches are applied.

New+Start button

reformats the relevant partition, synchronizes the system from scratch with the current image and starts the system like Sync+Start.


displays information about the currently stored image.

Standard Button Ubuntu


Standard Button Windows

executes the start method defined as such.


The individual buttons for the start mechanisms can be greyed out if the administrator has deactivated the respective mechanism.

imaging tab

Here you can manage the images. The area is protected with the password of “LINBO”.



When entering the LINBO password, no characters are displayed, neither the password itself nor stars.