LINBO image management at the client

The “Imaging” tab provides the administrator with new functions.


For each defined operating system there are buttons for the following functions


Create image

A new dialog window will open, where you can create (and upload) a new image.

Upload Image

A new dialog window opens, where you can upload the current image to the server.

There are also buttons for the following administrative functions



You can open a (rudimentary) console to run shell commands and diagnose errors.

Update cache

Usually, a partition on the client is set as cache. This button can be used to update the cache, i. e. all images and postsync files required for this client will be downloaded if necessary.


Partitioning partitions the entire hard disk.


opens a dialog for the first time registration.

In addition, a timeout runs down in a small window, which can be turned off. You can also use the LOGOUT button to return to the start screen.

Dialog: Create Image


The current name of the image is available for selection. The current image will then be overwritten when it is created. When uploading the current image with the same name, a backup of the previous image is created on the server.

If a new filename is chosen, you can write information about the new image.


If you assign a new file name, you should make sure that the cache partition has enough space, as the old image is also stored in the cache. If there is not enough space, the creation of the image fails.

If “Differential image” is selected, then the new file name applies to the differential image to be created (with the file extension’. rsync’).

There are two options to complete the Create or Create+Upload action, which allow you to restart or shut down your computer.

Dialog: Upload Image


As with the Create Image dialog, only a selected image can be uploaded and the computer can be restarted or shut down.

Dialog: Console


The simple console dialog allows you to enter individual commands in the lower row. The output of the executed command appears in the upper window.

Dialog: Update Cache


The cache is updated. There are three synchronization options: Rsync, Multicast or Bittorrent.

Dialog: Partitioning

You will be asked again if you really want to delete all data on the hard disk. After that you can also copy the images from the server with “Update cache”.

Dialog: Register


With this dialog you can register a first time user computer. All input fields must be filled in according to the allocation procedure.